At East Plate, we combine financial knowledge and business strategies to help you make better decisions for greater results and growth. Not every company is ready to hire its own CFO first and hence we’re here to help companies achieve their business financial goals. As for individuals, we act as your financial consultant to guide you in making better financial decisions.

Why Use Our Services?

1 Our consultants are commission based, hence they need to work closely with you and the banks until your loan is approved. If not, they won’t get a single cent. We charge service fee based on the loan approved. No approval, no commission to be paid.
2 To obtain the best deal, the consultant will need to understand your needs, work hand in hand with you and find the best terms and interest rates to suit you.
3 Bank loan officers are limited to the types of  loans offered by their respectives banks but the consultants have a large contacts with almost all the banks and other financial institutions to get you the best loan package.
4 If you have applied a loan by yourself and it get rejected, we give you a second chance as we know the appetite and requirements for each bank and financial institutions.
5 And most importantly, you save a lot of time and the hassle going from bank to bank and hence, we are the one stop centre for you.


We will help you to choose which bank home loan is more suitable for you based on your profile. There are more than 8 banks that we are working with at the moment.


Most of our consultants are very experienced. We are able to customize the home loan package based on the customer financial status. We have assisted many customers to lower down the monthly home loan repayment through our experiences and expertise.


We first started doing the home loan consultancy with ING insurance company in year 2004 whereby this insurance company had a very good home loan package. Today ING insurance is known as AIA insurance company after they were bought over in 2012. If you still remember during the early 2000 until 2009, all the banks actually can finance in the entry cost of a home loan. Today, only limited banks have this facility in their home loan package. We are still striving to give our best to this industry as many Malaysians need a home loan to secure their dream house.

For us, service comes first. We will give our best guidance to you even after your loan is approved as we want to see continuous financial growth for all our customers. The best way to find out if we can help, is to contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs. We will work hand in hand with you to bring you to the next level.

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