What is ESG , essentially means sustainability through good environment , social and governance practices.

  • Green Energy (Adoption of renewable energy with low emission like solar panel & Hybrid car usage, Manufacture Green Technology & Machinery, Green Environment.)


  • Green Building (Adoption of Eco Friendly and cost saving features in construction, management & maintenance of building) Example of Building (office, Factory, Shopping mall, Residential, Warehouses and other building structure) For Property Development (Residential, Green Building & Township)


  • Green Products (Manufacturing and sales of product which provides Eco Friendly & cost saving benefits to customers.) Example of  Green Based Products ( Developing & Production of Green Products, Purchases & Sales of Hybrid Vehicles)


  • Green Process (Enhancement in processes, equipment & machineries to drive low carbon production.) Example of Projects focuses on Sustainability (Waste Reduction, Green Environment, Solar Photovoltaic & other Green Projects.

 Certification: Green building index (GBI), MYHIJAU, ISA(or any other relevant authorities)

Consultation on Financing on Renewable Energy (Solar Panel), Construction, working capital (Products, Machinery)

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