Pre-IPO and IPO Advisory


East Plate helps you to monetise and maximise the value of your business. It’s our specialty, working with SME and business owners to understand their business, building the value and monetise at the best value. We recognize that SME have specific needs and may only monetise their business once in a lifetime so it needs to be right and for the best value with the least risks and the highest level of confidentiality.

It can be daunting for business owners to face large groups or private equity buyers with access to pools of specialists, advisors and lawyers, but not to worry, we’ve helped quite a number of business owners to monetise their business and we will guide you throughout the process.

We offer a full range of services for the entire monetisation process and any specific assistance required by business owners. We strongly recommend  you to start the preparation as early as possible as opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared earlier, and always have in mind the possibility to monetise and which type of buyer would find the best value in your business.

1 Pre-transactional planning and designing of M&A proposition to target buyer/seller.
2 Identifying and realising the realism and do ability of wish-lists and planned sacrifices to enable strategic negotiations.
3 Vital economic, operational, legal and fiduciary considerations affecting ultimate M&A objectives.
4 Vital economic, operational, legal and fiduciary considerations affecting ultimate M&A objectives.
5 Equity restructuring and voting rights, financing and purchase options, management control & compensation, and residual liabilities.
6 Acting as a neutral advisor to ensure transparency and proper procedural execution or exclusively representing either the buyer/seller to craft strategic M&A processes.

Pre-IPO and IPO Advisory

Are you ready for growth and fund raising?

After you have survived start-up and built successful businesses, you may be wondering how to take to the next step and grow your business beyond its current level. For further growth to materialise, there must be a concrete business plan to take the organisation to the next level, and this would likely involve additional capital to fund expansion plans or to grow via merger and acquisition.

Are you ready for growth? What do you need to raise capital? At all stages of the pre-IPO preparation process, East Plate assists companies to meet the expectations of investors. We introduce corporate governance best practices and help you meet the financial reporting requirements of your chosen exchange.

East Plate provides dedicated services towards an IPO and the foundation that must be created to transition a private company into a public company.

1 Holistic planning and preparation of a company for public listing on suitable stock exchanges in Malaysia by considering the quantitative and qualitative requirements as stipulated by the targeted stock exchanges and current market sentiments.
2 Examine and conduct necessary improvements on existing operational, financial performance and equity structure which include the modification of existing corporate governance, cleansing and adjustments on financial transactions, making changes to the organisational and equity structure, and implementation of critical processes to enable gradual transition toward mandatory listing compliant-behaviours.
3 Identify suitable stock exchange that meets the listing objectives of the company, such as considerations relating to costs of listing, pre-IPO funding, duration of the listing, liquidity of the market, and listing requirements stipulated by the regulators.
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